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Wholesale Wedding Dresses Center / The BEST

Do you have a bridal gown shop? Are you going to open a new store? Are you looking for quality and affordable wedding dresses for your store? Do you need a wholesale wedding dresses workshop to make your special orders?

Are You Looking For Wholesale Wedding Dresses Supplier?

You can place an order either for your store or for your customers. We can also sew your customer’s special order wedding dresses.

What Sizes Can I Order?

You can order in standard sizes (34-52) or custom sizes.

When ordering custom made dress, you must fill in the size chart. please write on Whatsapp to have size chart.

What is the Order Production Time?

Order production time is between 20-25 days. You must inform us for your urgent orders. For urgent orders, the production time is between 3-7 days.

Europe Bridal is Europe’s most professional wholesale wedding dresses brand in the wholesale production of bridal gowns for 17 years.

We prepare the wedding dresses without writing our brand on it and send it to your address. Our aim is only to raise your brand.