About Our Online Store

Europe Bridal is Europe’s largest manufacturer of wholesale wedding dresses. All wedding dresses are hand sewn and delivered on time.

Are you looking for a professional workshop for your wedding dress orders? We are ready to cooperate with you. All of our wedding dresses are hand-sewn, never glued. Our priority is to produce quality dresses.

Thanks to our 18 years of experience, we satisfy all your customers. We always produce best-selling models. We guarantee that the items in your store will be sold! We can sew standard sizes or custom-made. Our planting time is 20-25 days, but if you are in a hurry, we can send it to your address in a shorter time. Do not risk the satisfaction of your customers, work with a professional company.

We know what brides want and we prepare new models accordingly. We make any changes you want on the models. ( collar shape, hem volume, sparkly beads etc. ) We only produce wedding dresses because that is our specialty!

If you are looking for a wholesale wedding dresses atelier, we can immediately cooperate with Europe Bridal. Our priority is to make your brides happy. We are sure that our wedding dresses will become a favorite in your store. Our store is in Izmir, Turkey. You can find the location information on our contact page.

This is your workshop now!

We only work with professionals. Because we are very happy to serve you. Brides cannot shop on our site.
Our wedding dresses use high quality materials such as tulle, fabric, lace and beads.